Koch Brothers Prostitute

by Madison Palm Tree Revue

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Koch Brothers Prostitute

He is a Koch Brothers prostitute they tell him what to do and he takes their loot

He is a Koch Brothers prostitute on a Fox News show giving out the salute, oh yeah

Influence peddling is a fine art for this billionaire crew

These plutocrats send out messages that are totally untrue

But there are plenty of people who are believing their lies

They can’t see what is behind the scenes with that evil disguise. So they don’t see.

So we have the politicians who don’t mind selling their soul

It’s how the Koch Brothers can achieve their goals

Have the politician get a puff interview with that idiot Sean Hannity

Because the Republican talking points are written for him to agree


So many politicians are bought by the American Legislative Exchange Council

All they have to do is let the lobbyists write the laws and they will be their shills

Pit Americans against Americans, divide and conquer like it’s a fixed game show

You would think by now that everybody would know. But lot of people don’t know…


The same John Birch Society of yesteryear has risen from its grave

And now The Koch Brothers have made politicians into their little slaves

American democracy is under attack and we have stop them in their tracks

Look at him go... hopefully away...


released January 20, 2012



all rights reserved


Madison Palm Tree Revue Madison, Wisconsin

An independent group that got its name from when Bill O'Reilly used LA footage with palm trees to make a point about how protestors were thugs.

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