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About Mitt The Twit Romney. Go to mittvsromney.com for details.



He goes flip he goes flop back and forth it just never stops
He goes flop then goes flip and thinks he can just get away with it
That’s Williard…. I mean Mitt Romney!

He was pro-choice now he’s pro-life
he may change his mind by later tonight
He was for climate change before he thought it wasn’t true
If it’s making you feel confused, there’s nothing wrong with you.


He was for gun control and then he changed his mind again
Mitt likes hunting for varmints like corporations are people, my friend
He likes keeping his money in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Switzerland too
OK Germany and Ireland and heck, maybe even Timbuktu!

He loved the Viet Nam War and got four deferments so he didn’t have to serve
And then left for France on his bicycle around the hills, ah, look at him swerve!
He made millions being a vulture capitalist sending good jobs overseas
It’s like being a greedy bankster plutocrat was a healthy disease!

So now he wants to just be President of the United States
And thinks we’ll all just trust that creepy smirk on his face
He’s got billionaires who want to help him buy the election
Just don’t tell his Republican base his opinions prove there’s evolution.


Copyright 2012 (C) Madison Palm Tree Revue. Ask for permission.


released October 14, 2012
Copyright 2012 (C) Madison Palm Tree Revue. Ask for permission.



all rights reserved


Madison Palm Tree Revue Madison, Wisconsin

An independent group that got its name from when Bill O'Reilly used LA footage with palm trees to make a point about how protestors were thugs.

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